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Miquel Niamat

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Challenges you may Face

Are You Battling Procrastination?

Are you struggling to take action and make the necessary steps towards achieving your goals?

How much is your procrastination costing you?

Do those silent voices of doubt stop you in your tracks, questioning how much effort is 'enough' - ​eroding away any confidence or sense of self-assurance?

Lack Of Time?

Are you feeling pressured to balance work and personal life?

Do long hours prevent you from finding time for your loved ones?

Is it challenging to make space in the day for yourself when all of your attention seems devoted ​towards reaching deadlines?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, your income remains the same?

No Supportive Environment?

Have you ever felt the fear of taking a big step outside your comfort zone to reach an important ​goal, only for it to be met with criticism from peers and colleagues?

Do you find it difficult to remain positive and energized towards your goals when faced with an ​unsupportive environment?

Are you struggling in silence due to this lack of encouragement?

No Structure Or Direction?

Feeling overwhelmed, like the path ahead is unclear?

Struggling to find a sense of direction for your day?

Have the days lost their purpose and left you feeling overwhelmed with no idea which way to ​turn next?

Are you stuck in a day-to-day routine, with each passing day looking similar and feeling ​mundane?

Fear Of Failure?

Is the fear of failure standing in your way?

Are doubts about failure holding you back from taking the next step towards conquering those ​goals or growing as a person?

Even more intimidating, are worries about what others may think preventing you from moving ​forward in life?

Technological Challenges ?

Difficulty adapting to new technologies and digital tools.

Over-reliance on outdated methods and reluctance to embrace innovation.

Financial Management ?

Poor financial planning and budgeting affecting ability to invest in growth.

Debt and financial stress limiting opportunities for advancement.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence ?

Difficulty understanding and managing emotions, leading to interpersonal conflicts.

Poor communication and relationship-building skills.

Skill Gaps ?

Lack of necessary skills or knowledge to progress in their career or personal goals.

Difficulty staying updated with industry trends and new technologies.

No Goals Or Lack Of Ambition?

Are you struggling to get started on your goals?

Do discouragement and confusion plague you when it comes to setting meaningful goals? Have ​your past attempts ended in disappointment, leaving you discouraged and uncertain if it's worth ​trying again?


Welcome to a turning point in your journey ​towards success.

Are you ready to elevate your life and achieve your highest potential?

I'm Miquel Niamat, a dynamic AI-High-Performance coach and Business consultant, dedicated to ​empowering ambitious individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders like you to break through barriers ​and reach new heights of success.

Man Typing on Laptop

About Me

As a dynamic High-Performance coach and Business consultant, I blend cutting-edge

AI tools with proven personal development strategies to help you overcome obstacles and ​achieve excellence.

With a focus on purpose, productivity, and fulfillment, my unique methodology synthesizes ​complex principles into actionable plans tailored to your needs.

My specialization lies in analyzing the performance gaps in company cultures from ​individuals and helping them re-engineering their behaviors, so they understand how their ​results are formed.

Therefor, I re-align and empower CEO’s and business owners by igniting their awareness, ​helping them unlock their full potential, and aligning their performance with strategic ​organizational goals.

I teach them how to integrate AI tools and systems to maximize their potential, productivity ​and profitability, transforming obstacles into opportunities with a clear, practical goal-​driven approach.

Personal Development & Growth

In 2022, I was very fortunate & grateful to be in an Elite mentorship program and worked with ​Kim Calvert,

who is my High Performance Mentor in Human Performance, Personal Development & ​Business Growth.

Kim Calvert is a global expert in high performance, both on a personal and professional level.

In this Elite mentorship I discovered a science- backed proven system and step by step ​roadmap to success.

I learned how to help Individuals, business owners & leaders perform at their highest levels ​by unlocking their full potential whether it's in their career or daily life &

How to take powerful aligned actions & create a winning attitude to achieve lasting results.

Certified Business coach & consultant

In 2023, I have also been mentored by Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley,

certified in Business coaching and consulting, where I learned a refined methodology, based ​on 10 years of experience in coaching and consulting businesses to create tangible results ​for today's market needs.

I was shown how to build a solid long - term relationship with clients.

How to use questions to help create insights for your clients.

To go deeper into what is it that they really want, Into their vision, into their deepest desires.

This is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for breaking down complicated ​problems and generating original solutions by actively questioning everything you know.

AI Mastery Program

Also during my AI Mastery Program, I have also been trained by Top- notch AI consultant: ​Iman, Oubou, Domenic Ashburn , Vykintas Glodenis and others in the field of advanced ​prompt engineering and how to leverage AI to ideate, create brand strategy, stream line and ​automate complex data management systems in corporate companies.

Over the years, I have optimized and streamlined complex data analytics, marketing ​consultation, and performance enhancement for both individual entrepreneurs and within ​my own companies.

My commitment to Performance, Productivity, and Innovation makes me a transformative ​figure in AI-High-Performance coaching and Business consulting.


I am grateful and always respect the strength and values that I have gained over the past ​years as entrepreneur in my family business and treat every business decision with the ​appropriate gravity.

In my quest from the past 14 years for simplicity, personal identity and self- knowledge,

I have linked the essential elements and patterns of organizational change and development ​in order to improve insight into my company Nipharm N.V, & Seed| Grain Processing N.V

Real improvement and change in organizations only come about when people improve and ​change inwardly and are inwardly involved.

This is integrally embedded in who I am, it concerns an Ethical and Inspiring improvement ​and change management concept in which personal and organizational changes in behavior ​and competence development reinforce each other.

The aim is to achieve maximum commitment, dedication and to stimulate individual ​learning, team learning, leadership, Innovation and Creativity.

The proposition here is that if one starts from the personal ambition, the people with more ​commitment, loyalty and dedication will cooperate and think about the common ambition of ​the organization.

This creates a better basis for a Sustainable learning organization and can also achieve ​maximum Shareholder value.

What I Offer

Revolutionize Your Personal and Professional Growth with AI

Leadership and Performance Coaching 101:

Personal Development & Growth with the tools of ​AI

Elevate your leadership style by making impactful decisions confidently.

This package focuses on enhancing decision-making skills, inspiring and managing your team, ​and driving organizational success.

Lead with conviction.

Align your actions with your values and vision with our Goal Achievement & Strategy package.

Prioritize tasks and create a clear roadmap to actualize your goals, ensuring consistent, ​disciplined action.

This package is designed to help you make powerful changes in your life.

I​t does not only focus on the business side, but I will work on self-awareness, self-empowerme​nt, decision making, building better habits and work on one to three organizational goals that you wa​nt to achieve in any area of your life and will also teach you also how to leverag​e ​AI to stimulat​e your the personal and business development.


Goal-driven Individuals see​king strateg​i​c clarity ​but are struggling with consistency and discipline.


Personalized strateg​y sessions, Emotional Intelligence, Goal alignment exercises,

Actionable roadmap crea​tion, Consistency building strategies, Leadership assessment,

Strategic decision-makin​g strategies, Team dynamics management, Leadership development sessions, Business Strategy & Plann​ing with AI , Marketing consultancy & ​B​rand Align​ment with AI, Ideate & Create Brand content wit​h​ ​AI


1-hour sessions over a minimum of three months

AI Mastery Business Consulting 101

Elevate your leadership style by making impactful decisions confidently.

This package focusses on:

Prompt Design & Engineering & High-Impact Brand Content Creation in Company Brand ​voice.

Leverage AI to ideate and create high-impact brand content that resonates with your target ​audience.

My AI tools analyze current trends and consumer behavior to generate content that ​enhances your personal brand voice and aligns with your business objectives.

Data Analytics with AI programs:

Streamline complex data analytics using AI Integration.

My AI solutions simplify data management, enabling you to make informed decisions based ​on real-time insights and comprehensive analysis.

Business Strategy & Marketing Consultation with AI:

Receive expert business and marketing consultation tailored to both individual ​entrepreneurs and corporate companies.

My AI-driven strategies are designed to enhance your marketing efforts, ensuring optimal ​reach and engagement with your target audience.

Customizable AI Analytics:

Utilize AI for performance evaluation and goal tracking.

My customizable analytics tools provide deep insights into your professional performance, ​helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.



Leaders and aspiring leaders in corporate and startup environments


Creating with AI:

  • How to prioritize AI ideas for maximum efficiency
  • Selecting the perfect AI tools for your needs
  • Build and automate powerful workflows with AI
  • Creating high-impact AI solutions for specific business challenges
  • Leveraging AI-driven frameworks for decision making
  • Accelerating the Idea-to-Product Cycle with AI
  • Build a winning AI culture and team
  • Transforming your organization structure for rapid AI adoption
  • Create custom, high-performing AI Agents for your organization
  • Improve and enhance your product features with AI
  • Streamline your iterative design process for maximum efficiency with no-code
  • Coach and mentor your team members for an AI-powered organization
  • Should you develop your own AI models in-house?


1-hour sessions over a minimum of 3 month

Why Choose me ?


Transformative Impact in Personal ​Development & Growth

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Experience a profound shift in your mindset, performance and overal life satisfaction.

My approach is practical and designed to create lasting change that extends beyond ​temporary motivation


Understand the science behind goal creation so you can achieve goals that are worthy of ​you,

Wil crystal clear clarity so you know exactly what your purpose is.

Where you are going and what the next steps Have a map to pull out any time to keep you ​focused on goal-achieving activities so you speed up progress but slow down.

In mind, creating multiplied results constantly gives you total security from within.


Now that you have clarity and direction on your purpose, you have built habits and beliefs ​that serve you and a self-image that aligns with your goal; it's time to take action.

How you run your business day to day impacts the way you earn money, understanding and ​building the right infrastructure and AI systems makes growth inevitable. You will gain total ​control of your life and your business, so you're working ON your life and business and not IN ​it.


Remove your limiting blocks. Negative habits and beliefs and gain control back.

Mastering your mindset allows you to expand your creative ideas and back them with ​definite principles, to move forward with momentum and speed instead of incremental ​steps.

Create a attitude With a mindset that you Can multiply with this repeatable formula year In ​and year out.

There are no limits to what you can achieve.

Customized AI ​Solutions:

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AI-Driven Insights:

Leverage advanced analytics to gain deep insights into your performance and identify areas ​for improvement. My AI tools are designed to adapt to your unique style, ensuring ​personalized feedback that resonates with your Brand voice and company goals.

Receive tailored coaching and cutting AI tools, systems & driven strategies that cater to your ​unique needs and goals.

I understand that each journey is different, and we provide solutions that are specific to you.

Innovative Leadership:

Develop innovative leadership skills that are essential for navigating the modern AI business ​landscape.

Enhanced Productivity:

Learn effective AI time management and productivity techniques.

Continuous ​Support:

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Benefit from ongoing guidance and support to ensure sustained growth.

My commitment to your success doesn't end with the completion of a program; I am are ​here to support you every step of the way.

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Why this program is the best offer ?

  • Many of our clients struggled to overcome their success blocks and were ​frustrated trying to scale their results with the same thinking.

They were also confused by the world of AI and tried to find an expert to help them ​implement their incredible ideas, but they wasted a lot of time and money.

  • I understand how exhausting it is to jump from book to book, YouTube clips and ​low-level training.

With the personal development & AI industry increasing every day , I wonder who you ​can trust to help you quickly and effectively: “Miquel Niamat’’

  • This program is for the fully committed individual who wants an expert to guide ​them through each element of success, in a clear direction, with a designed plan ​and expert strategies.

Client Testimonials

Frank Tull,

CEO, Home Improvements

As the CEO of Home Improvements N.V.,

I've had the privilege of working with many high-performance coaches, but Miquel Niamat stands out as a transformative force in the industry. ​Miquel's unique blend of AI-driven insights and comprehensive personal development strategies has revolutionized not only my personal growth

but also the performance of our entire executive team.

From our first session, Miquel demonstrated an unparalleled ability to pinpoint the exact areas where we were facing challenges and provided ​actionable, customized plans to overcome them.

His deep understanding of both AI technology and human potential creates a powerful synergy that drives results.

Thanks to Miquel's coaching and consulting, we've seen a remarkable improvement in productivity, innovation, and overall corporate performance.

His emphasis on integrity, responsibility, and innovative leadership has reshaped our company culture and aligned our performance with our ​strategic goals.

If you are looking for a coach and consultant who can ignite your awareness, unlock your full potential, and guide you towards both personal and ​professional excellence,

Miquel Niamat is the catalyst you need.

Working with Miquel has been a game-changer for us, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any organization seeking transformative ​growth."

Frank Tull, CEO of The Tull Group N.V.

Gail R. Meyer


As the CEO of OTNV and a leading business consultant, working with Miquel Niamat has been an extraordinary journey in integrating AI analytics into small to medium enterprises and corporate companies.

Miquel’s deep expertise in AI has significantly enhanced our service offerings and the value we bring to our clients.

Miquel introduced us to cutting-edge AI-driven systems that have transformed how we manage and analyze data.

This has not only streamlined our internal processes but also enabled us to provide our clients with unparalleled insights and strategies.

The ability to harness real-time data analytics has empowered our clients to make informed decisions, boosting their productivity and growth.

One of the standout aspects of Miquel’s approach is his emphasis on personalized coaching and tailored AI solutions. He ensures that each tool and strategy is customized to fit the unique needs of our clients, maintaining their brand authenticity while maximizing efficiency.

His interactive masterclasses and workshops have been pivotal in educating our clients about the potential of AI, driving engagement and understanding.

Thanks to Miquel’s guidance, we have successfully introduced AI analytics to numerous enterprises, helping them to innovate and stay competitive in their respective industries.

His strategic insights and hands-on support have been instrumental in achieving our mission of empowering businesses through advanced technology.

For any organization looking to integrate AI analytics and optimize their operations,

Miquel Niamat is the expert you need. His profound knowledge, coupled with his commitment to client success, makes him an invaluable partner.

I highly recommend Miquel’s services to any business aiming to leverage AI for transformative results.

Gail R. Meyer, CEO of OTNV

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